Polymer Flooring Systems

Polymer flooring systems are typically epoxy or urethane-based products used to cover & protect new or existing concrete floors. These products can vary in thickness, chemical / thermal / mechanical shock-resistance, solvent / solids base content and slip-resistance.


The majority of polymer floor systems are designed to be seamless to protect the concrete beneath, while enhancing the performance of the floor surface. Therefore, any existing crack / joints / transitions / cavity areas must be addressed, dependent on our client’s needs or expectations. Polymer flooring systems must achieve a chemical bond to the concrete for performance, durability and longevity. Surface preparation via planetary grinder enhances the bond of polymer flooring systems, by removing the laitance (dusty / powdery substance) on the concrete surface.

Concrete Sealers & Coatings

Polymer sealers & coatings range in thickness from 1mls (1/1000 of an inch) to 50mls in dry film thickness on the concrete surface. Sealer systems are lower-viscosity products that are designed to penetrate the surface, leaving minimal build. Coating systems are a surface treatment with more thickness. Both are designed to prevent the dusting / powdering of the concrete surface, while protecting the substrate from contaminants above. Products are also available with enhanced chemical-resistant qualities, when conditions warrant. These systems work well in low to medium traffic conditions, dependent on material handling in areas of installation. A wide variety of color and slip-resistant texture options are available to suit the needs of our customers. Safety lines, borders, stenciling and custom artwork logos are also available, upon request.

Concrete Overlay Systems

Polymer overlay systems have similar characteristics of the coating systems, but are designed with a higher build or thickness. These systems are necessary when extensive restoration is required or when increased mechanical shock / thermal shock / chemical exposure is present. Overlay systems vary in thickness from 55mls to ¼ inch to accommodate existing conditions. Self-leveling systems are also available for worn, uneven or damaged concrete surfaces.


Finish Line recommends the use of 100% solids (VOC-free) polymer flooring systems on the majority of our installations. This provides greater value to our customers, as solvent-based products reduce the dry film thickness of the finished system. As there is no ‘flash’ of solvent base, 100% solids products do not contaminate the work site or environment. A slight odour is all that will be present during installation. Cure times for 100% solids product is typically 8 to 12 hours per application (dependent on ambient temperature) and most installations require a minimum of 2 applications. Products with accelerated cure times are available, to accommodate unique installation environments.

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about Finish Line’s polymer flooring systems. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we may answer any further questions or provide a free consultation. We would be pleased to assist you in selecting a Finish that would be right in Line with your needs!