We Revolutionized Concrete Refinishing With Our Eco Smart Floor System

Eco Smart Floor

Eco Smart Floor is a proprietary treatment developed by Finish Line Concrete Therapy as a consumer-friendly alternative to traditional diamond polished concrete flooring. This unique system has changed the way our customers think about concrete floors in all markets. “Why pay good money to cover your concrete, when you can use what you already have!”

Concrete is the # 1 product used within the construction industry and for decades, concrete floors were covered with petroleum-based products that are less than eco-friendly. Vinyl tile, carpet and polymer coatings require extensive labor & maintenance to retain a clean appearance. Society is also finding that the chemical cleaners used to maintain floors (and their disposal) can be damaging to our ecosystem. Eco Smart Floor requires no waxing, stripping or chemical cleaners for maintenance, thereby reducing the time and labor usually associated with traditional flooring products. Regular maintenance with a PH-neutral cleaner is all that is required.

Eco Smart Floor offers several finish options to our clientele. Deep grinds may be performed to expose the aggregate on the concrete surface. Colored dyes may be applied to the surface in a wide range of colors. The system may be installed with matte, gloss or high gloss finishes that are similar to marble and granite products…at a fraction of the cost. With new construction, colored stone and concrete dyes can be included in the new concrete pour to create the customer’s desired effect.

There are also several eco-friendly benefits to the installation of this system, as compared to traditional diamond polished concrete floors. The Eco Smart Floor system utilizes a VOC-free water-based product to dust-proof and increase the surface density of the concrete floor. All of our installations entail a dry-grinding process that is 99% dust-free and eliminates concrete slurry. The creation of concrete slurry (mixing of water and concrete dust during the grinding / polishing process) is inherent with traditional wet concrete polishing systems and poses environmental disposal issues.

Do you have carpet, tile, grout, glue, mastic or polymer coatings on your existing concrete floor? Finish Line’s state-of-the-art surface removal equipment can perform these tasks with our cost-effective and chemical-free processes. We are also able to repair and restore any necessary areas, after surface removal has been completed.

As all concrete surfaces are not created equally, every concrete slab varies in both density and porosity. Some concrete surfaces will reveal more or less exposed aggregate during the grinding process, which relates directly to the pouring, finishing and density / porosity of the concrete slab. Any color dyes used in the installation of Eco Smart Floor will finish with a marbled appearance, however, vary from surface to surface. For these reasons, Finish Line offers to install a test patch to ensure that all finishes and colors meet the expectations of our clientele.

With decades of experience within the commercial / institutional / industrial / residential flooring markets, Finish Line has been listening to the flooring issues that are foremost in our customer’s minds. They’ve been asking for an aesthetically pleasing flooring system that is cost-effective and high performance with low maintenance. Dependent on our client’s specific needs, Eco Smart Floor is designed to meet or exceed these expectations. This provides great long-term value to our customer’s that choose this system.

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Eco Smart Floor system. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we may answer any further questions you may have or provide a free consultation. We look forward to working with you to satisfy any of your future concrete treatment needs.